Tribute to the gradient trend in 2017 :)

2017 in review.

2017 was an amazing year! I had the opportunity to work with lots of amazing companies. So thank YOU, dear clients, for giving me the chance to work with you. Always a pleasure! Even though 60% of you came to me, asking to design something like “Stripe” or “Mixpanel”. I still enjoyed each and every journey with y'all! Hey! At least one of them was something I’ve done! 😄

Alright, let’s take a look at my top 6 projects of 2017:

1) Mixpanel (Analytics)

In 2017, I worked with Mixpanel on refreshing our marketing site to reflect their new strategic positioning and product offerings. We decided to rethink our message, site structure, and UX to increase conversion rates.

Here’s bits of it:

Mixpanel Homepage
Mixpanel Navigation
Mixpanel Resource Page

2) Digital Asset (Blockchain project)

My favorite project of the year 😍 !

I’m always excited to learn about emerging technology. And my favorite emerging sector last year, was the blockchain. I believe this technology in few years from now, will be all over the place. Last year, I work with the folks at Digital Asset for more than 12 months, helping them create a design language that position DA at the forefront of the heated competition in this industry.

Motion Design on Digital
Digital Asset Landing Page

3) Benchmark Report (Analytics)

Another great project I worked on at Mixpanel. Some of Mixpanel’s top clients agreed to share some their data to create an industry benchmark report. In collaboration with the Marketing team, we worked together to turn complex data into an illuminated and interactive story.

Mixpanel Benchmark Report design
Icons design for Mixpanel Benchmark Report

4) iAdvize (SaaS)

iAdvize is the leader in Europe in SaaS “Customer Support”. iAdvize needed a fresh new design for its website to announce the opening of its service in the US, as well as their new fund raising. This is what we came up with:

iAdvize homepage in collaboration with Anthony Goodwin.

5) Regards (Insurance)

I also helped last year “Regards” a startup offering insurances for injured or sick people create their identity and their marketing site. The site is not live yet, so I can’t show too much. Hope that’s enough.

Preview of


And finally let me introduce you to…my portfolio. It took me over a year to put it all together, but it’s live! This new version is a good metaphor for my approach to visual design & motion. Go take a look!


That’s a wrap!

You can examine each and every detail of my work through the case studies on my portfolio.






More to come…

Talk to you guys soon!

Please, feel free to contact me if you’re looking for design help.