Why Personas Matters.

The first time I heard about personas was about a year ago when I was completing an inbound marketing certificate with Hubspot. The concept of creating both real and fictional identities that symbolize your target audience was something completely foreign to me. While I had taken many media and advertising courses as part of my undergrad, I had always referred to this notion as your target audience.

I think the concept of creating personas has multiple benefits for the designers, marketers and key stakeholders in any project. Personas ensures that all team members and departments understand who the true target audience is. This is essential for communication among the organization and I believe having personas helps teams to ensure their focus is narrow and doesn’t stray away from the true main audience.

For this week, I found creating personas both simple and difficult. Once I analyzed the information from my surveys and interviews I found it simple to create a personal that best fitted the data. What I found challenging was that providing my own judgment in certain elements that are included in a persona. Determining the pain points, career, goals and brands was not something I fully disclosed within my research, so I had some challenges in creating these facts on the persona card. Moreover, I learned that a persona card is more general than I originally thought it was, in my interviews I had many specific questions related to my app and the industry of my app. Once completing this exercise I learned I didn’t have to go into this much detail to create my persona.

Here’s my persona.