Intro to UX: Recommended Book List

The user experience field has an amazing pool of educational books written by influencial and experienced UX’ers. Melissa Eggleston and I created a list of our books to share as a resource for our Intro to UX class taught at Girl Develop It Raleigh-Durham.

Some of these books came into onto the shelves via recommendations, or because of a Triangle UXPA book club read, or because I heard the author speak and wanted to learn more. They are referenced often, and are blazing the trail for this growing field. Check ’em out and let us know of your favorites!

Here’s the list of UX books you can find us thumbing through, in no praticular order:

Content Strategy for Mobile by Karen McGrane
You should Test That! by Chris Goward
Information Architecture for the World Wide Web by Peter Morville & Louis Rosenfeld
UX Strategy by Jaime Levy
Designing for Emerging Technologies by Jonathan Follett
Talking to Humans by Giff Constable
Lean UX by Jeff Gothelf with Josh Seiden
Content Strategy at Work by Margot Bloomstein
This is Service Design Thinking by Stickdorn/Schneider
The Elements of Content Strategy by Kristina Halvorson
Design is a Job by Mike Monteiro
Discussing Design by Adam Connor & Aaron Irizarry
Evil by Design by Chris Nodder
The Language of Content Strategy by Scott Abel and Rahel Anne Bailie
The User Experience Team of One by Leah Buley
UI is Communication by Everett McKay
100 Things Every Designer Needs to Know about People by Susan Weinschenk
User Story Mapping by Jeff Patton
Articulating Design Decisions by Tom Greever
Don’t Make Me Think Revisited by Steve Krug
How to Make Sense of Any Mess by Abby Covert
Interviewing Users by Steve Portigal
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