A Note on Asshole ISIS Scum
Jared Hussey

If you really want to help do more than what we are doing, then perhaps you should start by learning what ISIS really wants — from someone who has done a lot more than just assuming and presupposing (because there are people who are paying attention).

Yes, it’s probable that one day, we won’t have to care about ISIS anymore — in the same way that we don’t really care about Hitler anymore, other than to accuse people of being just like him whenever they are being assholes.

But for the time being, we need to do the right things to stop these ISIS assholes from gaining ground and spreading hate and fear all over hell’s half acre, and the key to doing that is to support John Kerry in his efforts to get the international community together to end the conflict in Syria. Seriously. This is the United States actually turning around and trying to bring peace and stability to the world — a monumental change from the Cold-War past — and we should all be pushing for that!