Why Rooting Yourself is a Game Changer

Get the inside scoop on why the heck this matters

What the heck is so interesting about roots, you might ask.

In our fast-moving society, it can feel like life is moving at lightening speed. If you are like me, you might even notice that half way through your day you can’t remember what you ate breakfast, anything about your drive to work or whether you kissed your partner goodbye.

Don’t feel bad. Most of us are running around quickly from one thing to the next. It’s rare you realize the impact of not being grounded in the moment or rooted to your divine connection until you get sick, feel overly exhausted or completely void of patience.

One of the biggest blessings in my life was learning how to sit still and get present to the moment. It was during my Master’s degree coaching program with my teacher, Heidi Most, at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, where I literally learned to pause, slow the heck down and breathe. At the time, I was not only restless but also a tad annoyed at being told we were going to be still and breathe during an expensive graduate program.

My internal dialogue was not pretty. In reality, I needed a mindful minute more than I had any clue.

What ensued in my mindfulness course was nothing short of a miracle. See, I’m a closet type-A gal. I like to think that I’m laid back (and every now and then I am), yet I, like many of you, like to check things off my list. I like to get things done and feel accomplished, even if it’s picking up large trash bags at Costco. It feels good to be doing.

What I realized is that I was missing the ‘being’. Totally forgot I am a human-being. Relate at all?

The byproduct of learning to ‘be’ more has been a sense of being connected to my higher self, my purpose and my connectedness to all of you. It is in being still, meditating (fancy way of saying breathing from your belly with intention) and reflecting that I feel rooted and grounded. I don’t know about you, but I’d pay a lot of money to feel more satisfaction in the moment, less stress and a deep connection to the planet.

I invite you to look at what roots you want to grow. I encourage you to begin a meditation practice (sitting still and breathing), be it 1 minute, 5 minutes or 10 minutes a day.

Scientific research shows that when we consistently sit still and pause, we change the way our neurons fire and can shift habits, thought patterns and lessen stress and anxiety. The best part about being vs. doing, and getting more grounded is that it’s free. Yep. It’s a natural resource you are tapping into that already exists within you.

I think a few minutes a day to ‘be’ and quiet your mind is a darn good price to pay for feeling calm and connected.

While still in winter, which is about doing the internal work to be ready for external expression, we’re soon coming up to the season all about roots deepening and continued growth.

How can you deepen your roots now? How can you get grounded in your moment and find peace, ease and joy in exactly who you are and what you have, right now?

Wishing you a time of deep connection to your best self, to others and to the planet.

I’d love to hear how you are getting more rooted to your authentic self and what’s opening up in your life.

More about Julie: If interested to read more of Julie’s work, check out Julie’s recently published book, Get a PhD in YOU: A Miraculous Course in Self-Discovery, here on Amazon or at www.getaphdinyou.com

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