Jewel Box Fantasy

Julie Roberts
Aug 19 · 3 min read

Pauline Frechette is back with an amazing new piece of music called “Jewel Box Fantasy”. The song expounds on one of Frechette’s previous songs that I reviewed called “Jewel Box”. With this latest incarnation Frechette takes an already great idea and makes it exponentially better. Like the original, “Jewel Box Fantasy” has a mystique that draws you in with its enchanting quality.

In my review of “Jewel Box” I said, “There is an ironic mixture of joy and sorrow present. A certain amount of romance whispers through the piece as well. Jewel Box reflects a soul that has seen a thing or two. It conveys the sort of feeling that cannot be convincingly expressed without experience.” This also holds true for “Jewel Box Fantasy” except on a much grander scale. Pauline is clearly pulling from an inexhaustible source of depth and meaning when she writes her music.

Rooted in the melody and spirit of its predecessor, “Jewel Box Fantasy” expands on the original idea and branches off into new musical territory all while preserving the song’s original delicate and beautiful qualities. This expansion has resulted in a piece of music with more emotional weight and power. Frechette has taken “Jewel Box” (a wonderful arrangement of piano and violin) and transformed it into a more complex and elaborate work of art.

In my previous review I also stated, “Pauline Frechette’s artistic expression clearly flows from a deeply rooted foundation. Her art possesses a maturity and depth that isn’t moved by wind and storm. It rises above life’s endless ebb and flow of ups and downs and changing circumstances. Songs like Jewel Box are a refuge from life’s tumult. They serve as reminders that there are deeper and more transcendent ways to navigate the world.” This statement is even truer of “Jewel Box Fantasy”. With compositions like this, Frechette sets herself apart and shows that she is cut from the same cloth as the great musicians and artists of our time.

Pauline has evidently gone to great lengths to ensure her latest composition shines bright. Jewel Box Fantasy boasts a rich full-bodied arrangement that complements her emotional authority and speaks to the depth of experience required to convincingly produce such a high-level piece of music. The orchestration includes a full string section, French horn, obo, flute, and bassoon. It was recorded at Capital Studios in Los Angeles and conducted by the world-famous arranger David Campbell. He also co-arranged Jewel Box Fantasy with Frechette.

In addition, Frechette’s new work tells a compelling story. I see it as an expression of the forces of good and evil, fear and courage, hope and despair and the tension between them. Frechette’s ability to create music that reflects the way life is, elevates her to a rare class of musician indeed. Her capacity to convincingly express the dark, the light and the ambiguity between is an inspiration. Frechette’s music does what all great art should; namely help us get in touch with our higher ideals and catch a glimpse of what life is like when lived with grace and dignity.

If you’d like to hear Pauline’s music you can find her on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, and most places music is sold or streamed. If you’d like to learn more about Pauline you can find her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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