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Adobe Creative Residency applications are OPEN! Which means that now is your chance to get paid to pursue your dream creative project. What is it? The Adobe Creative Residency is a year-long accelerator program for early-in-career creatives to focus full-time on a passion project. The goal? To build the career that you daydream about. So what’s the catch? *crickets*…. really.

When I stumbled upon the Residency program, I was about a year-and-a-half into my job at Microsoft as a Program Manager. I knew I wanted to be a designer but I was struggling with thoughts of: Am I good enough? Will someone hire me? …

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Growing up in the suburbs outside of New York City, I had never seen a compost bin. Throwing paper towels, egg shells, and banana peels in the trash was second-nature to me. When I went to college, I became more in touch with the impact of what we throw away but it wasn’t until I moved to Seattle that I experienced a not-so-rude awakening — my curbside trash bin was the height of small toddler. In adjusting to this new limiting factor, I learned rather quickly: with constraints comes creativity.

Nine million people packed tightly in three-hundred square miles — New York City. When thinking of constraints, I am fascinated by the sheer complexity of the systems that has made New York City a functional and thriving metropolis. When I came across a flyer for the 2019 NYC Food Waste Fair, an expo and workshop series focused on food waste prevention, recovery, and recycling, I knew I had to be there. …

Six tips when getting started with ambiguous design problems

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Adapted from “The Process of Design Squiggle” by Damien Newman,

When I first got started in User Experience design, I was a sophomore in college navigating the treacherous water of being an undeclared liberal arts student. In the midst of classes, homework, and staying as far away from the library as possible, I spent a lot of time lamenting over a few (very minor) problems: Why is it so difficult to find off-campus housing? Why does it take forever to find a good meeting spot between a group of friends?

I vividly remember sitting with my friend in the dining hall talking about life, career aspirations, and of course, finding a summer internship. She asked me, “have you ever thought about User Experience design?” At that point, I hadn’t even heard of it. But rather quickly, I realized that it was already pervasive in my life. From the buttons we click on our phones that guide us to a purchase to the dynamic speed limit signs that make drivers slow down, good (and bad) User Experience design is E V E R Y W H E R E. …


Julie Sanduski

Designer passionate about Food & Circular Economy. Former Adobe Creative Resident. Seattle, Washington

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