Watson’s Choice: Iconic Paws Dog Jerky

My husband and I like to kid about our Basset Hound being a bit of a food connoisseur. Watson, our rescued dog of seven years, is known to steal hamburgers right out of people’s mouths, to swipe an entire box of donuts off the counter. But not if they’re just any hamburger or any donut.

Watson is picky, his hound nose being very discerning. Which is why it’s not always easy to find food he approves of that is also good for him. There are very few dog-designed products he enjoys.

But, that all changed this weekend when he came upon his new favorite snack: Iconic Paws Dog Jerky.

Made with all-natural USDA-certified chicken breast and nourishing sweet potatoes, this jerky passed his sniff, and taste, test. And it makes sense that it would. After doing a bit of online Googling, I learned about Iconic Paws’ rigorous testing, only selecting 100% organic, natural ingredients and never using any grains, wheat, gluten, soy, artificial colors, flavors or fillers.

No wonder Watson liked his tasty treat.

Veterinarian-approved to be a wholesome, healthy snack for dogs, Iconic Paws produces their dog jerky in the United States and adds natural supplements, like turmeric and hemp meal, to help keep joints healthy too.

Before we found Iconic Paws Dog Jerky, we would have to hide Watson’s glucosamine supplements in French cheese. Now, all we have to do is open the bag and he comes running.

If you want to give your dog a healthy, tasty treat, Iconic Paws is a smart way to go. Their dog jerky product is available on Amazon here.

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