Frictions 1–1568, a creation by Julie Semoroz and Yann Marussich in 2016 in Cave 12, Geneva Switzerland

I write this first story on medium listening to a live of Arnold Dreyblatt ina hotel room in Bueno Aires during a tour. I perform at the end of the week in Santiago de Chile at GAM cultural center with Fundacion Teatro a Mil a performance called Bain Brisé by and with the artist Yann Marussich. This performance and a recent work (Frictions 1–1568) we created with Yann is driving many questions to me over the past 6 years.

I’ve been thinking about mediocrity of the ego and how so many people don’t take the time to just breathe, slow down in the run to expriment the pain, to experiment their sadness and understand what’s happening inside them. I can see it all the time and it comes back in all the discussions. We try to avoid our emotions and cycles with many different solutions such as alcohol, pills birthcontrol, medics, social media, tv shows, youtube, smartphones…We wanna control perfectly our bodies.

We try to avoid our feelings and pains, trying to control our emotions, dealing all the time with choices about how to not be angry, how to not be sad, how not not explode and say fuck you, how to not feel pain. In fact as humans being we would like to stop the natural cycles and fix everything to be ina comfort of the immobility. The comfort of “everything stays as it is and forever because it seems safer”. But more I think and less it feels natural to fix things and control them. Chaos theory seems fearless suddenly. Our atoms are made of void and move all the time. Universe moves and expend. In Quantum physic wave-corpuscle duality shows we are something and something else in the same time belonging to something bigger, Laniakea. This post is not about god but about our constant fight to archive, memories and freeze the life when the life is just the opposite. WHY DO WE FREEZE THE MOVEMENT OF LIFE? Fear. Cycles and movement are just life.

The fear of change and movement is the main reason of all fights in the human life as in your emotional personal life than in politics, family issues or social movements, personal pains even more than any other topics. Can you imagine to freeze your blood or your breathe? When you fight against real pain in your body and don’t accept it is just there and goes through you, the pain is worst. How stupid is this idea and how we fight and fight again to fix things and control every single part of our bodies, time, emotions. It’s not only our fear of dying but more our fear about existing. Because we constantly ask ourselves: why do I/we exist and what’s the point? The fear of this question just pushes all of us to this fiction we build in our everyday life as Nancy Huston explains very well in “L’espèce fabulatrice”. We build fictions to give a sense to each day and try to catch any moment of happiness, trying to fix it and share it the most we can sometimes forgetting to really be there. And more we run to keep those moments ina box, archive them, share them and more we fear the change which i can only repeat is the simple cycle of life. Movement is natural. We will all disappear, earth too.

We so try to get the beginning and the end of every single thing, so try to avoid the cycles than we forget our small and wonderful humans emotions as the weather, are just there, moving all the time and it’s beautiful.

Let’s keep moving and change and stop the fight in our bodies.