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I am sorry you feel that way. I have done a lot of research on both candidates, and am not “parroting” GOP talking points. The person who is “parroting” the GOP is hrc. Voter suppression, election fraud, voter disenfranchisement all used to be the game of the GOP. hrc has brought it to the Democrats, and that is why so many people will refuse to support her, now or in November. She lies consistently, or pretends she doesn’t know what is going on. The reality is that hrc is morally and ethically challenged. She has amassed a multi million dollar personal fortune while claiming to work for the poor. She makes money from the corporations she claims to be planning to fight when she is president. She has made hundreds of terrible decisions, especially while Secretary of State. The Clinton Foundation is under investigation for taking money from donors in exchange for weapons deals. Does it not bother you that she is under investigation from the FBI as well as multiple other entities for her various unethical business decisions? Her supporters simply refuse to see her for who she really is. The millions of us who support Bernie will not vote for a morally bankrupt candidate, whether she is a woman or not. I also support a free Palestine, a $15 minimum wage, and universal healthcare, which hrc does not. She proved that she couldn’t make healthcare reform happen in the 90s. Let’s give someone a chance who can actually work on both sides of the aisle.

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