Social Entrepreneurship

Many people don’t know about social entrepreneurship means, but what is it really? Who are social entrepreneurs?

According to the European Commission, it defines a social enterprise whose objective is to achieve a social impact rather than generating benefit for its founders, who operate in the market through the production of goods and services in an innovative way; It uses its surplus to reach these social objectives, manages in a responsible and transparent way, it involves the workers, clients and interest groups affected by its business activity.

It should be mentioned that social entrepreneurs are citizens who, in addition to generating income from an enterprise, solve a specific problem in the community and the sea with social or environmental impact.

Some time ago, I remember interviewing Cinthia Rodriguez for an event prior to an MKS Room where there is live music and social entrepreneurs exhibition, events are organized around the world by the MakeSense community.

Cyntia is the founder of Empanacombi, a company that promotes the employment inclusion of disabled youth through inclusive kitchens, thus providing opportunities for development to a population in the kitchen, demonstrating in this way that disability is not a limitation for A company achieves its goals. Knowing it was exciting and at the same time interesting how it was encouraged to start a business of fried empanadas in a combi.

Her sister has a mild down syndrome, she was the inspiration for this beautiful inclusive project in which many people with different skills will benefit. Mentionally: "Making a company in our country is a bit complicated." However, there is no impossibility.

According to the Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations only 15% of people with disabilities in Peru have jobs, among the reasons are discrimination and lack of access to work or study centers.

Empanacombi is one of those companies that put the agent change shirt, takes the "problem as a challenge" and the transformation into opportunity.

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