I Give Good Head: A Guide To Pleasuring Women With Your Mouth

Giving oral sex to a woman is an art form. It’s an art form that requires practice as it seems there are very few people who get it right (and enjoy it) the first time. Before I get into the nitty gritty of how to pleasure a woman with your mouth, it’s important to first acknowledge the elephant in the room; some people hate giving oral sex, and that’s ok. I do hope that for those of you who don’t enjoy the art of licking and kissing a woman’s pussy that this article may inspire you to think again, and perhaps open your mind to the possibility that going down on a woman can be as pleasurable for you as it is for the woman herself.

So let’s begin.

Back to basics; many women believe they smell and taste different ‘down there’. And they do. The truth is, every woman smells and tastes different at different times of the month and that’s perfectly normal and natural. Firstly, it’s not a ‘smell’, it’s a natural scent, and we all have one. The top half of a woman smells of perfume, shampoo and deodorant and the bottom half is the scent of pussy. Embrace her scent and taste… oral sex is intimate and sacred, the more you embrace every aspect of it, the more you will love it. If you’re genuinely concerned about the hygiene and smell of your partner’s pussy, suggest a shower or bath together as a warm-up before the main act.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about anticipation; making your woman wait. Do not rush. Work your way down slowly, circle her nipples and curves with your tongue, make your way down to her pubic area and thighs… lick and kiss her inner thighs and ass until she is begging for more. If she is begging you, and I mean literally begging, then you are on the right track. Feel her anticipation and allow her to fully experience how present and connected you are to her pussy. Keep in mind oral sex is an art form and her pussy is your canvas. Get creative. Gently blow, suck, lick, kiss and taste every little piece of her. Make love to her pussy with your mouth.

Now take the exploring to another level. Firstly, let go of the idea that oral sex is ‘foreplay’; many women enjoy oral sex as the main event and it’s up to you to make the main event amazing. Explore with your nose, your lips, your tongue, your chin… your whole face. Notice her body changing, her lips swelling, her clit becoming hard. Notice the little things. Use your lips and tongue to separate her lips. Tease her by circling her clit with your tongue and when you’re ready, begin slowly and very gently licking her clit. One tiny lick and kiss at a time. Do not make the mistake of going hard ‘n fast. Take your time. Savour each touch.

Listen. Listen to the noises she makes. She may not be saying anything at all, but I guarantee that if you become present you will notice the change in her breath and the little sounds that escape when you explore every inch of her body. In time you will get to know the sensitive spots, the magic ones. Remember take your time, move slowly… do not rush! When you notice the sounds she is making you will get a feel of what turns her on, and when you know what turns her on you’re guaranteed to have her screaming for more.

Before we go any further, let’s talk about lubrication. By now, her ever-present natural juices will begin to flow. Some women get ‘wetter’ than others and it’s important to mention there is no right and wrong with too little or too much natural lubrication. Take your time; go slow. Savour the taste of her juice; use your tongue to move her sweet cum up onto and around her clit. There’s something about a wet clit that seems to make it swell and become more sensitive. If you find yourself producing a lot of saliva use it as extra wetness, or swallow discretely. The wetter, the better.

If you’re feeling adventurous move away from her clit for a sec and slowly slide your tongue down her perineum and circle her anus. Not ready for that one? That’s ok. If you are, I advise you approach her anus like you have approached the rest of her body; slowly and sensitively. The anus can be an extremely sensitive and erotic area for some; for others it’s a no-go zone. If you’re feeling unsure, ask.

Now move back to the clitoris. Slowly. Make love to her clitoris as if it were your own. Use her natural lubricant and your saliva to gently caress her with your tongue. As you explore, vary what you do with your tongue and lips and be patient. You will notice by now she is feeling wetter and wetter and her clit is swelling. If she’s close to cumming, do not change a thing! If she’s getting close to the end don’t fall into the trap of speeding up or increasing pressure! Harder and faster is not always better. It may be for some, but don’t assume it’s the case for her. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s not a race.

Keep going and within moments your woman will be reaching orgasm. Enjoy these moments; remember to embrace her taste, scent and sound. When she cums, listen and be still. You’ve created the space for her to let go; now enjoy the sweet aftermath of pleasuring and worshipping your woman’s pussy.

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