smart links centre

We are as our relations, that’s what I’m learning day by day and that’s my belief. God is a big universe and it’s LOVE. And the only moment that you can experience love is in interaction. Animals and humans beings and then the whole world start to give you LOVE when you connect with them.

As a way of growing and do my best in this world I invite you to become part of this centre of smart links. Knowing people that is vibrating in the same wale, that want more people happier and doing what they want even if we don’t know who we are because we don’t want to define our self.

I have been studying Public Relations, psychology, astrology, maya culture, and great beautiful theory’s that explain life with two simple rules. A circle and dualism. That two concept makes me understand life and death.

Here I am to talk with everyone that feels the same, or similar about life.

I’m an artist in the way of seeing life, I like not to define my self but as long as you can Understand this creation I would say spiritual artist.