Why are we obsessed with creating memorable customer experience?

I needed a new SIM card a few weeks ago, and there was no way to request one from the website. After much procrastination, I finally gave my mobile provider a call. The guy who picked up was cheerful and kind. We talked about traveling, lives in the UK, and I really enjoyed our chat.

But then, I realised that’s how long it took for me to get a new SIM card — enough time to find out all about this guy’s life.

Would I have preferred to get my SIM card by clicking a button on the website and spending time elsewhere? Probably.

We all strike to give customers memorable experience, filled with delight and surprise. How much of that desire comes from our own ego to be the hero in the “awesome customer service story”?

Are there times, when it’s best to figure out how we can get out of customers’ way? Maybe they would rather get their work done, spend time with their family or go for that jog they’ve been putting off. Maybe they would rather do those things than spending a memorable moment with me.

Let customers be the heroes of their stories.

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