How I try to lead when making changes that affect people
Joel Gascoigne

Thank you so much for sharing your view on the challenge of growth, Joel! I see and experience this challenge on the daily basis, and I definitely agree with you here

that if we start to enforce changes without sharing the ‘why’, we are going to eventually incur a debt in our culture and see some adverse side effects from that choice

It is indeed very difficult, especially for startups that need to move fast and changes quickly. It is hard for leaders to consider the long-term benefit while the short-term challenges can be overwhelming. Leaders often feel responsible to make decisions when consensuses take time or turn into compromises. I am curious whether this is more difficult for new team members who might look to you and other more senior team members for guidance? How do you suggest team leads to help new hires learn quickly while allowing them to have the autonomy to figure things out?

As always, I admire your openness to share these challenges as a founder. Ego often gets in the way for leaders to discuss these challenges. I look forward to Buffer’s growth with anticipation. If any company can find an alternative and better way to grow, Buffer would certainly be one of them! :)

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