Journal Entry #20

Are you ok?

The other day I was alone, trying to work myself out of a panic, when my friend noticed (on Facebook) that I was looking for a counselor and she messaged me and said “are you ok?”

And that was all I needed to calm down. Instantly I switched from panicked and frazzled to calm, because I wasn’t alone anymore.

Another time I was building up into a panic and I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop myself, so I said “Nathan I need help.” And he held my hands and looked at me and said “Julie, you’re amazing and I love you.” And that’s all I needed then too.

Sometimes it really doesn’t take that much except one action to prove the lies in my head wrong. One thing to prove to me that I’m not alone and I’m not horrible. One thing to prove that I am not an embarrassment and I’m not asking too much.

Sometimes I just need to ask for help. And sometimes I just need to know someone else will carry it with me.

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