Nia: The Confidence To Have Purpose

Habari gani? (What’s the news?)

Today is the fifth day of Kwanzaa.

Nia is about developing and restoring the community to its traditional greatness.

Even in the shackles of enslavement, Black folks still found a way to dignify themselves when human dignity was illegal for them to have. They created their own traditions even when they were denied cultural identity — we jumped the broom when we could not meet at the altar.

Systemic challenges continue to impede the advancement of the Black community. In spite of this, Black people’s greatness continued. Their greatness lives in them today as it lived in their people before them.

Be empowered by your ancestry as others are privileged by theirs. Be confident in your heritage as others are honored by theirs. This will give you the strength to answer your calling despite the challenges you will face.

Reflect on this and recognize or reaffirm your purpose with confidence. How will you work toward fuilfilling your purpose in the New Year?

Don’t forget to write it down! The pen brings many things to light and to life!

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