Crimes Against Democracy: London, Canada council smears innocent citizens as ‘white supremacists,’…
Mark Vandermaas

Thank you Mark. That was my boyfriend who was placed in handcuffs and then released across the street. As the officer walked the ‘security’ member of 3III (3%) across the street, I was with the security member and the officer said, “This is all for show, and we will release you where nobody can see.” What does, “This is all for show” mean exactly? Were they supposed to make us look like ‘hateful violent’ people? The security member was then advised he was ‘not allowed’ to return to the rally. It seems the right to partake in a rally was also halted as a right of a citizen by the police department. Also, a week before the rally on the 26th, I personally witnessed CTV news parked outside City Hall at least 4 times, leading up to the rally. CTV reporters were inside city hall, and I assume it was the ignite the hate against PEGIDA. Because Mayor Matt Brown incited hatred towards people like us, they have put us in reasonable fear of the public, our jobs, and even places we rent as tenants. The mayor and the media encouraged citizens by their own words to attack us by any means. I’m surprised City Hall didn’t pass out rocks to the ‘left’ so they could stone us in the street. Yes, it was that awful. Will I be attacked by a ‘leftist’ if I am spotted in public because I am labeled a Nazi now? There were hundreds against us…so perhaps a physical assault is highly anticipated if I am spotted. Because of what Matt Brown did, I am unsafe in my own city, and my landlord has a great concern for his property simply because I rent from him. Maybe…he will evict me because I align with an organization who has been called ‘white supremacist’. The damage done by Matt Brown goes beyond the obvious of what happend on August 26th. And you can quote me on that. Again, thank you Mark, and cheers to freedom :)

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