Week notes — 30th Nov — 4th December

Short and sweet from me this time, I promised to try and do two week notes a month and I am trying to stick to it!

In the last week this is what I have been proud of/achieved…..

I plucked up the…

Week notes — 16–20th November

Forgive me week note community — it’s been a year since my last edition! It is unforgiveable really as I have been doing some cool and amazing things and it’s nice to share.

If you don’t know me you can find out more about me…

S04 E06/7

Overarching thoughts of the week…..

Here is a challenge for you…..How many Depeche Mode songs are in these these week notes?!

Sorry Dave I disagree

Don’t pick up all the leaves in the garden until they have all fallen off the tree because the wind blows the next…

Wine doesn’t have that many carbs…..(It will make sense by the end!)

S04 E05

Overarching thoughts of the week…..

My first Christmas party is in 3 weeks!

I am really happy to have Kerrie back from annual leave. Kerrie is the other half of the Capability team. She has been…

S04 E04

Overarching thoughts of the week…..

These are just my thoughts and not based on anything substantial….

Keep on learning from and listening to people, we don’t have all the answers and there is always something else you can consider or try. …

S04 E03

This week I started buying Christmas presents, I don’t think that is too early…do you? I also noted that I basically keep Amazon running, I must get a parcel from them every other day. …

S04 E02

Overarching thoughts of the week…..

I still have annual leave to take before the end of October, and I have the next few Friday and Monday’s off. This means for the next two weeks I have a packed diary for the three days I am in the office…

Weeknotes S04 E01


S04 E01

Hi, I am Julie and I am Head of Digital Capability at the Parliamentary Digital Service (PDS). I started writing week-notes way back when around 2.5 ish years ago after talking to my then boss Dan Barrett who persuaded me to give it a…


S03 E07

This week has been the product of last week and being too tired. I haven’t been well. I haven’t got the cold lurgy, but a recurring health thing that happens to me when I get too tired and I don’t eat well, get a little stressed and…

Week-notes S03 E06

Lots of Christmas celebrations this week. A Christmas lunch with my lovely HR team somewhere near St Pauls and my husband’s Christmas party, which was somewhere in East London and was a street party with drinks and food stalls, Father Christmas and Christmas carols. A late night…

Julie Byrne

Head of Digital Capability at the Parliamentary Digital Service. I love cycling, travel and live music. These are my personal views on work and cycling.

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