I live in California.
Patricia Grier

Sorry, but this is such a typical Norcal false narrative. Southern California hasn’t increased their water usage since the late 70s due to increased advancements in water management. Agriculture on the other hand, takes up to 80% of the state’s drinkable water supply. And that number is simply offensive. Agriculture is responsible for the sinking of the state due to groundwater usage. No amount of swimming pool bans or NIMBY housing/population control bans are going to fix it as household usage combined is still a cent drop in a wider bucket. It’s terrible that your family lost farms, but fixing California’s water issues requires less agriculture and not more. It’s just not sustainable in this state at this level. And heritage water rights from these farms are simply outdated and immoral.

Also, because you’re closer to the water supply, doesn’t mean you own the water, the reservoirs, or the mountains it comes from, and that it’s out of generosity that you allow soCal to have some. These reserves belongs to no one and it belongs to everyone. That’s my biggest contention because that itself is a type of Norcal self-entitlement that SoCal is often hypocritical accused.

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