Through his quiet yet grave images, Zied takes us into a Tunisian community trying to win a hopeless battle against an insidious, omnipresent threat: sand.

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A big dune of sand invading the edge of the village. El Faouar, Tunisia, 7 April 2018.

The development of the dehydrated zone of Tunisia’s south has always been one of the Tunisian government’s major concerns since the independence of the country. In the past, they offered land, housing, and agricultural advantages to incite nomads to settle in this territory. However, despite the socio-economic efforts to fight against this natural disaster, it remains challenging for people to live in the region.

In 1972, a significant underground water body was discovered in the area, crucial for the date palms agriculture which is considered as a determining factor for potential development in the south of Chott Jerid, and also for geopolitical and security reasons, due to the proximity of this region to the Algerian border. …


Juliette Garms

Programs and Outreach Projects Manager, World Press Photo Foundation

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