How to beat the ‘back to work’ blues

How was your weekend? Have you been away? Got a touch of the ‘back to work’ blues?

I remember that sinking feeling of returning to the office last year after a glorious week of adventure in the Scottish Highlands, and just wanting to cry.

It was like putting on a mask, where I had to leave the ‘real’ me at home and go back to the old ’work’ me again. But that was normality back then, I thought that was just what everyone did. You got to have your couple of weeks of freedom and fun each year, and then you had to put that to one side and get back in the rat race, because that’s what everyone did.

Now a year on, I can see exactly why I felt so misaligned between ‘real’ me and ‘work’ me. Taking time off had allowed me to explore and live out some of the values which were most important to me, such as freedom, adventure, connection and discovery. But at the time I had no idea what my values really were, and why it was SO important that I find a new career which was more closely aligned with them.

So if you’re feeling unhappy at work and missing those heady days of holiday freedom, then take 10 minutes to really think about which experiences you miss most and why:

  • Was it the chance to spend more quality time with your loved ones?
  • Was it that you got to do a new and exciting activity each day?
  • Or did you love the fact that you could set your own hours and do what you wanted without being answerable to your boss?

List them out and think about what values they might represent. Spending more time with friends might show that you have a strong value for community. Being able to go sightseeing and learn about a new culture might reflect values of learning and inspiration.

As you dig a bit deeper into which aspects you miss and what values they represent, you can also think about how to bring more of them into your day to day life now. How could you introduce, for example, a bit more adventure, creativity or fun into your daily life and work?

Let me know how you got on in the comments section below, or why not share in my Freedom-preneurs Club Facebook group?

Remember, you don’t have to keep waiting to live your best and most authentic life. You can get started today.

I’ll speak to you soon,

Juliette xx