Hope in Chaos

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Prior to the chaotic tyranny of COVID-19, I would often hear people say that our society, and even world, was hopeless.

Whether it be due to politics, global warming or violence, I felt a constant deep rooted doubt radiating from the people walking this earth in regards to the future.

Although COVID-19 has brought fear, sadness, grief and pain… I believe it has also rejuvenated my belief that there is hope for the future.

For the first time in as long as I can remember, I see more positive tidbits scattered across my Facebook feed than negative.

Although I spend more time on my phone, I have been speaking to distant relatives and long distance friends more than I have in years.

Although I spend more time in my pajamas and sweatpants, I play more board games and complete more puzzles than I have since childhood.

Although I panic often, the world has reached out open arms and resources for emotional support have become more accessible.

Ranging from little victories such as online yoga classes all the way to the thousands of meals being delivered to students in need who receive free and reduced lunch, I believe slowly but surely many people on this earth are proving “From tragedy comes triumph” to be a true cliché.

Written March 29, 2020




Literature Lover, Practicing Writer, Teacher of Peace (and Middle School English)

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Juliette Firla

Juliette Firla

Literature Lover, Practicing Writer, Teacher of Peace (and Middle School English)

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