Parents, Help Make Zemcar an Alternative to Uber

If you’ve read my memoir Security Mom (if you haven’t you should!) you know much of my professional life has been about empowering people to take their security into their own hands. Whether it’s being prepared for the next hurricane or empowering children in the event something happens, security starts at home.

I am also a mother of three and it can be difficult to juggle everyday activities and the planning that goes into making sure our families are prepared for every scenario. But there’s one thing every parent in the Boston area can do right now that will not only make their lives easier, but provide them the peace of mind that their kids are getting around safely; Ditch Uber and Lyft and use Zemcar.

If you’re like me and struggle to find a way to get your kids to and from all of their events. You open an app and in four or five clicks you can have someone at your door to bring your kid to the ballpark, a concert, or the movies. After all, driving your kids around doesn’t just feel like a full-time job, it is a full-time job. Many of us take advantage of the convenience of Uber, Lyft, or others. I do and actually never thought much about it.

But then I learned about Zemcar and decided I was all in. I eventually became their security advisor, a role that combines my professional and personal expertise. Zemcar is the only ride-sharing company in Massachusetts that is insured for unaccompanied minors. Yes, you got that right. Uber and Lyft are companies not designed or focused on driving minors. If you’ve put your child in an Uber in the past, they are not covered in the event something was to happen. Uber’s terms and conditions clearly state that minors aren’t allowed.

Another reason to use Zemcar is that they meet with, train, and highly screen their drivers, going above and beyond the Massachusetts minimum standards to ensure that each driver is someone you would want to drive your child. We’ve heard the horror stories of what happens when companies don’t properly screen their drivers. In fact, on the first day of screening, 8,000 drivers for Uber, Lyft, and others failed the Massachusetts’ minimum background checks. With Zemcar, not only do you get to choose who drives your child with peace of mind that they are safe, but you also have access to the world’s first in-ride live stream video for added security.

As a security expert, I can tell you Zemcar is a no brainer. They empower parents by allowing you to pick the driver you want and to watch your child get from point A to point B. It is a platform that’s specifically designed for driving around your tweens and teens. You may not be ready to give up on Uber, but Zemcar is now up and running and ready to deliver. Try it.

Zemcar is the only locally owned, passenger focused ride sharing company insured to drive unaccompanied minors. Let’s make Massachusetts the safest place to get our kids around!

Juliette Kayyem currently serves as the Robert and Renee Belfer Lecturer in International Security at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government where she is Faculty Director of the Homeland Security Project. She is the founder of Kayyem Solutions, LLC, providing strategic consulting to Fortune 500 companies and start-ups in technology, risk management, mega-event planning, and cybersecurity. Previously, Kayyem served as President Obama’s Assistant Secretary for Intergovernmental Affairs at the Department of Homeland Security and before that as Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick’s homeland security advisor. She is an on-air national security analyst for CNN, hosts a regular podcast entitled The SCIF for WGBH, Boston’s local NPR station, and her newest book, Security Mom was published in 2016.

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Got 3 kids, hubbie, security company, Harvard teaching gig, WGBH podcast & a dog. Couple gov’t stints. I look better on CNN. Best-selling author of #SecurityMom

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