Food Podcasts From Every Angle

From culture to science, policy to comedy, these food podcasts cover the bases

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Need some fresh listening while you’re driving in the car, folding your laundry, or chopping onions? Queue up these food-related podcasts. There’s something for everyone: Whether you’re interested in stories that report on the latest news in food politics, investigate the history of barbecue, or break down the science behind the 5-second rule.

Gravy features stories about the complex history of the American South through the lens of food, from embracing new culinary traditions and reimagining old ones. Start with “What is White Trash Cooking?” and “The Chili Powder Cheat: A Tex Mex Story.”

This podcast by Mother Jones investigates the science and politics behind what we eat.“Bite” just released a new mini-series about how climate change is affecting our food system, called “Eating In Climate Chaos.” Check out their inaugural episode, “All the Delicious Foods Are Dying.” Or in light of recent threats to food stamps benefits, “When Food Stamps Turn Your Life Around” is all the more poignant.

The Kitchen Sisters

This season of Hidden Kitchens sheds light on the often overlooked role food has in international diplomacy, AKA gastrodiplomacy. Check out “Kimchi Diplomacy” and “Operation Hummus.”

Gastropod uses food as a tool to learn about science — and a little bit of history.“Eat This, Not That: The Surprising Science of Personalized Nutrition” and “The Bagelization of America” are fascinating.

The Racist Sandwich is an interview-style podcast where chefs of color discuss how food intersects with race, gender, and class. Each episode delves into how our identities affect what we eat, like “Erasing Black Barbecue” and “Lose Hate, Not Weight.”

Two comedians start their act with a topic that has to do with food; but, that’s really the only boundary before the ridiculousness ensues. Take a break from the the seriousness of fancy restaurant reviews with episodes like “Canadian Junk Food” and “Vanilla Ice Cream.”

Juliette Luini is a writer, researcher, and independent podcast producer. She attends Salt Institute for Documentary Studies in Portland, Maine.

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