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It’s not an easy task to choose attraction in Oahu; which is diamond shaped, divided by mountain ranges and surrounded by ocean. It is a rewarding tourist destination, embedded with cultural and historic sites, in addition to its natural beauty. Put on your dancing shoes, as the “Heartbeat of Hawaii”, awakens to a new beat, when the sun goes down. Check out the urban scene at China Town, or catch big-wave surf. There is a lot to explore between sunrise and sunshine in Oahu.

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Waikiki is in itself a major tourist attraction, as it is among the famous beaches in the Worldwide Tour & Travel, where vacationers come to relax out in sun, swim and learn to surf. Hotels, restaurants and stores lie out in the oceanfront. There are many other attractions within easy walking distance.

• The Honolulu Zoo is the largest zoo, including Tropical Rainforest, African Savanna and the exhibits of Island of the Pacific.

• Explore the aquatic life in the Waikiki Aquarium, home to 420 species of aquatic animals and plants.

• Bishop Museum, for those interested in history and culture, as it is home to world’s largest collection of Pacific and Hawaiian artifacts in Bishop Museum.

• Take an elevator to the top of Aloha Tower and have an Arial view of Honolulu and the surrounding area located on the waterfront of Honolulu, and the tallest building in Hawaii.

• Iolani Palace built in 1882, should not be missed; it is a royal palace, retaining the old furniture and belongings during the days of monarchy.

• Be sure to see the famous statue of King Kamehameha 1 in this historic area, located in front of the Hawaii Judiciary Building.

• Damien Museum and Mission Houses Museums honor the memories and lives of the past missionaries.

Pearl Harbor

Tour to Pearl Harbor, prime tourist attraction and also home to Navy’s Pacific Fleet, and get to see the U.S.S Arizona, which is still visible from the surface of water, as it had sustained the greatest casualties during World War II. It is a throat-tightening experience.

Art Walk in China Town

This area of downtown of Honolulu features open air markets, art galleries, traditional noodles shops and upscale Pacific Rim restaurants along with local artists, giving a unique flare to Chinatown. First Friday celebrations of every month are worth visiting. Check out the urban art scene, latest local and designer fashions, and a lot more with open houses featuring free entertainment and light refreshment.

Polynesian Cultural Center

Immerse yourself in the Hawaiian culture and history in the re-constructed villages of seven Polynesian cultures at the Polynesian Cultural Center and the Waimea Valley Audubon Center, the major attractions in the North shore, which is full of activities apart from the amazing beaches. The largest surfing competition is held here annually. The afternoon canoe pageant and the evening luau show are activities which captivate visitors. Enjoy the high waves of the famous North Shore of Oahu. The Kamehameha Highway is home to one of the most famous surfing beaches of the world.

Hawaii Skydive

Experience 12,000 to 20,000 foot jump from the Skydive Hawaii, which is Oahu’s prime location and see Hawaii. Snorkeling and hiking trails, whale watching, are some other activities famous in Oahu. Do not miss the fun cruise offering food, drinks, games and water fun.

Wet N Wild Hawaii

Venture off to Oahu’s Wet N Wild, if you are tired of surfing, snorkeling and wonders of natural beachfront, where there are more than a dozen rides and sightseeing attractions. Enjoy your full day of fun in the sun, miniature golf, lazy rivers, water slides and eatables for the whole family.

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