I’m a night owl but this story begins at 4:30 am. So I wake up, excited, ready to have a great day at Andela as it is the first day of bootcamp for cohort 16. I still can’t believe I made it this far. After 2 hours 30 minutes of commute I finally get there. I’m glad for the breakfast they offered us as I had left in a rush and missed the most important meal of the day — as my grandmother would say. It turns out that all the hard work I had done I still had more to learn. Test-Driven Development! Version Control! Git!!!! My mind was spinning so fast I could hear the screws loosening up. Was this my most challenging learning experience yet? After lunch we had a session where we discussed — GROWTH MINDSET — we talked about knowledge, behavior and belief. THAT, was my most challenging learning experience recently, even with all the new concepts that I’m presently learning; learning to belief in my skills and knowledge, myself, is what is most challenging.

The Andela Kenya director Mr. Joshua in the afternoon talked to us about women empowerment and why Andela chose to include an all-female cohort. During the Version Control session I learnt a lot about version control systems and the importance of managing changes to the source code over time. My facilitator Mr. Brian Kimokoti was patient and gave me guidance on how to work my way through creating a repository in Github to pushing my code to the repository and several other commands I could use.

I met several interesting people including my fellow cohort 16 and group members Synder and Alimo. However, one of my most memorable Andela fellows was Oti, who was very energetic during the morning stretch/workout session — which was a great way to start the day. At lunch, I attended the welcoming session of previous boot-campers and newly selected Andela fellows, that was what I needed to keep persisting with the work I had to do and learn more, because joining Andela and becoming a world-class developer is my current goal.

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