Fortuna Audaces Iuvat

Literally translated, “Fortune helps the bold.”

If you wither away at the slightest pushback, if you allow the idiocy and fear to paralyze you, and if gossip and lies are allowed to manipulate you into manufactured consent then your will is trash, your very soul, your humanity, your deep sense of righteousness is corrupted and you are already dead.

You are Garbage completed, and your usefulness has withered on the vine. You are done. Winter of selfish deeds has killed your blood, your lifeforce, and your excuses and malevolence all for the sake of self preservation has cast you into that nether region of human refuse, human rejection and human trash.

You are trash.

There will come a time when your actions to hurt those who don’t deserve to be hurt by you, or your inactions in the face of deep tyranny will come back to haunt you. Whether you taunt, fight, ridicule and destroy those who are better than you, who live in kindness and allow their moral imperative to guide them, or whether you sit lazily by watching the downward trajectory of sustainable goodness to disintegrate, you are culpable and you are guilty.

You have been tried, found guilty and are cast aside while those of us who have actual work to do to maintain balance and true equality in this world will boldly forge ahead.

You are trash, and trite. You fall prey to the politics of personality traits, and your idiocy is put on a pedestal as you dance around and give voice to wasteful topics and avoid the truth of your own culpability as those around you become swallowed up by your disgusting display of pettifogging uselessness.

You are incapable of empathy, of accountability and you are wasteful to humanity. You are sycophantic and suck the life-force of the nectar of life. You are to be avoided and ridiculed. You are to be exposed, called out and alarms will sound when you slither out of your disgusting hiding places.

Your words are garbage and we can only step over you while we lift the souls of the disenfranchised and move humanity slowly, inch by inch, to a higher plain of self awareness and consciousness.

You are desperate, and hysterical and despicable, and you live in a fear based state of constant self denial. You have done harm. You will pay for your actions. You always do. You are loathsome.

Fortuna Audaces Iuvat, and you know this, and your hysteria and your flailing and your grasping of falseness and your conjuring of self importance out of air and manufactured self aggrandizement is not a mirror of your own worth, but a window through you, for you are vapid and transparent and we see through you. You have no real depth, no real soul; there is no real-ness to you.

You are nothing, for you do not even know yourself. Stay, or go. It doesn’t even matter. You are absolutely useless. You are not to be feared. You are not to be pitied. You are to be tossed, like garbage.

You know who you are.

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