The weather was really great today.

My hometown usually has terrible temperatures during the summers and I refer to it as the “Armpit of California” (many others can vouch for that). But today, the weather was incredible. I was able to wake up feeling like it wasn’t too hot to be asleep and sitting around without having to consider heat rising through the house. When I got into my car, my windows were down the entire time and I didn’t have to turn the AC on at all. The air made my hair feel cool touching against my face as I drove around. It made the palm of my hand that was raised out the window have a sensation, all while the air was going through my fingers. It was a kind of air that was chilly where I could wear warm clothes but I also did not need to wear warm clothes. What was even better was the drive home, when the temperature was the lowest. It was dark and every light was on, I could see every light and see every dark spot without it as I drove. My favorite part is seeing the entire city for brief moments. I had a delicious drink and the music on my radio was louder than my singing as I drove alone.

In this very moment of this drive home, I felt complete satisfaction. I was relaxed but excited. I was very happy with my life at this very moment. I realized I was recognizing my “little thing” that I wholeheartedly enjoyed. It was a kind of peace. It also served as a reminder.

I can’t help to think, with school starting soon and all, that there are going to be many “little things” coming. The fresh start of a new year, everyone coming back from the summer, the leaves changing colors, the air being like how it was today in the months to come, sitting next to a window with a view of rain trickling on everything outside, the purity in singing really loud in the car with your friends to the radio, making new friends, the holidays (!!!) and so much more (like that FAFSA rolling through -jkjk- )

And with school starting, there is also going to be a nEVER IMPENDING DOOM which I think everyone is a bit scared of. Stress. Maybe some of us are making lists of ways to avoid it. Maybe some of us are just taking it as it goes by. I’m sure many of us already have weights on our shoulders before we walk through the starting line of this new year. But nevertheless, I expect nothing less and it’s normal. It’s a part of life.

As stress is making its way I also think it is important to recognize everything good beside it and ways to cope with it. There are many things to be excited about and to be grateful for, which is one of my methods of coping with stress or just life taking it hard. I am a firm believer of this, but until today, I had forgotten how important it was. These past few months have been “whatever” to me. As much as there were many things to be happy about (and believe me, there are many things I am truly happy about), there were also days where I lived on repeat with working or living with no definite busy schedule. Even those bad days happened. My mind had flooded with this repeat along with the need to pay bills, cook for myself, go grocery shopping, see my family before school, keep in touch with the friends that live a distance, the question of “what am I going to do with my life”, etc etc. It was a type of stress that I was unfamiliar to but I couldn’t help but feel it was a part of growing up. I know a lot of people lived the summer that I did, either with work or school. (Is it a pre-adulting experience?) I guess that’s the thing with summer and all this free time(?) that I haven’t had to put thought into much until now, there is a lot of space to think.

But the kind of peace that I found today reminded me of what I had forgotten. I have this motivation now where I am looking forward to many things happening and they consists of the smallest things too, like wearing my new boots and hugging the friends that I haven’t seen in months. I am excited and I think the excitement that comes with looking forward to anything is an essential part of going through life with optimism. I am reminded of how important it is to enjoy the little things and take it wholeheartedly for what it is. It makes life sweeter. As easy as it is to see all the bad things, it is just as easy to see all the good. This evening, in this moment, my mind was not flooded but rather free.

The weather was really great today.

With care, 
Listen to this: The Lighthouse and the Whaler — I Want To Feel Alive

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