Millennials in the US not so sure about college — what about Millennials in LatAm?

[Originally published on Trend&Tonic, a trends and innovation blog by The Futures Company]

With access to all sorts of information anytime and anywhere, people are questioning traditional forms of education more than ever. Google HR staff say their hiring process has become more about personal characteristics, such as humility and learning abilities, than about credentials. Young people in the US are skeptical about the applicability of college to the “real world” and express that in different ways.

In Latin America, university is seen as a very important means towards social mobility. But, even though university is still a strong institution, traditional concepts of education are being questioned — and Millennials are the ones doing the questioning. Some envision a future without college degrees, but for most, the problem is their belief that university has fallen behind and is no longer able to prepare them for how the world works nowadays.

Are Millennials just utopian dreamers or are they really going to lead the way to a new era for college education?