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Notation Capital

Hello Notation Capital, my name is Julio Katra and along with my partner and Co-founder David Obegi we have thought of a new social media concept unlike any other for the mobile world. Being Quebec Canada’s most followed DJ on social media such as facebook, instagram and snapchat, my partner Obegi has been trying to find the perfect partner for the creation of the next million dollar idea. Along with a strong contact list and great determination we aim to deliver something special to his thousands of followers by creating something unique and undone by many social media brands, precisely Tinder and Badoo. We have faith that our idea could mark a new way of using social media to interact with the world around us and this is where we need your help. It would be a pleasure to discuss further details about the project and the people involved in it in exchange of your time. Thank you and we hope to grab your interest with our many talents and ideas.

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