How Fotios Tsiouklas and Alan Gokoglu Built A $5m Dollar Tech Empire While Partying At Their Own Nightclubs Every Weekend

Julio Martinez
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Alan (Left) & Fotios (Right)

Fotios Tsiouklas and Alan Gokoglu are two teenage entrepreneurs from Melbourne who recently completed their High School education. The two began making money while still in school. When they met in year 7, Fotios and Alan did not like each other. In time, however, the two decided to venture into business. Today, Fotios and Alan own a multi-million dollar tech company and two-night clubs.

Today’s Millennials are entrepreneurial. The number of young people opting for entrepreneurship is continually increasing. Still, few people make it. 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start a company don’t make it past 18 months. Yet, Fotios and Alan who are only 19, have managed to build a $5 million dollar empire while partying at their own nightclubs every weekend.

Fotios & Alan Starting Out

Fotios and Alan are Australia’s youngest self-made entrepreneurs. The two are opportunists as they’ve managed to capture gaps in the tech niche to set up a business. Fotios has always had a passion for entrepreneurship. He used to develop business plans for education apps, websites, and even charities. One of Fotios’s 1st ventures was a website known as This website was a social media network for photographers. At the time, the people around him told him that this business idea wouldn’t work. Later that year, a very similar website/app was released called Instagram. When Fotios saw the success of Instagram, he was inspired to believe in himself and pursue other ideas.

Fotios has extensive experience in the business world. In 2013, when he was 13 years old, he made his first $10,000 from selling gaming codes. In 2015, he was selling mobile apps. He managed to sell over 100 of them through app marketplaces such as Fotios also sold refurbished phones via eBay. This young entrepreneur would spend his weekends visiting garages to look for cheap products and resell them on eBay. He would also order wholesale electronics from China and later sell in Australia. This business made him generate $500 to $1000 a week.

Play Hard Work Hard

The main reason that the two entrepreneurs have managed to play hard and work hard is because of strategy. The two are gurus at coming up with targeted marketing strategies. In 2016, they managed to build a team of employees who would market and sell their apps. One of their app collections was called “Math Academy,” and it sold for $26,000.

The entrepreneurs’ strategy for success entailed creating video courses for clients. When selling apps, they created video courses. They utilized a proven model for each app sale that informed their buyers on how to advertise and effectively monetize apps and profit online. This strategy helped them achieve high customer satisfaction.

The second strategy for success involved the use of celebrities. Celebrity advertising is a great way to build brand awareness. Still, you cannot choose any celebrity. The secret to success is to select celebrities who are likely to use the product. When launching Clout The Game, the entrepreneurs collaborated with major artists such as Supreme Patty, XXXTENTACION, and YBN Nahmir. Two of these artists are in the top 20 trending artists in the world. Fotios and Alan developed Clout The Game together with their business partner, Kuei Kuei. In 2018, Clout The Game hit the top 10 in the App store in the U.S.A. The three partners are working towards an even more vigorous marketing campaign that will involve more artists.

Social media marketing has played a significant role in the success of their businesses. The two entrepreneurs own a multi-million dollar marketing agency This enterprise was initially created to help clients grow their social media following. But, it currently manages a series of digital marketing services such as lead generation, data collection, web development, email marketing, app development, plus so much more.

Two Nightclubs

Fotios and Alan own two of the most popular nightclubs in Melbourne. The first nightclub is Mango Fridays. This club has been a massive success since its creation and holds at least 1200 people every Friday night. The second nightclub is Levels Melbourne, which rapidly developed into brand levels and relaunched at Brown Alley every Saturday. The club consists of 2200 to 2500 people every week.

Aside from managing their multi-million dollar tech empire, you can find the two entrepreneurs hanging out in their clubs. Considering the massive success that they’ve achieved at a young age, I think they deserve a night out.



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