How Stefan Dessalines Went From Losing Everything To An 8-Figure Business In 9 Short Years With OPM Wealth

It is not always an easy task to lose everything and still grow to become a champion and influencer. However, for Stefan Dessalines, the story is different. He began his career as a child actor at the age of fou. At the age of nineteen, this child actor had landed two starring roles in feature films, and over twenty commercials. He quit the film industry to venture into the mortgage industry, and became a sales rep for Beneficial Finance, and later rose to become a Manager. He decided to expand his horizon and, in 2005, along with a partner, started his own mortgage company. In a short span of 14 months, the mortgage company made a whopping 80 million.

After the market collapse of 2008, the business had to shut down. More determined than ever, in 2009, Stefan tried his hand in online marketing. Over the past ten years, Stefan made significant strides. Together, he and his partner have reigned in over eight figures in their present-day digital marketing business.

How Does Stefan’s OPM Work?

Stefan is the frontman at OPM. Why OPM? Because the OPM helps you to get a better credit score so you can borrow other people’s money, to secure their advertised franchise. The whole idea of OPM is to use people’s money to invest in this system. It is a money circulation business that depends on promoting the company to others and earning a commission when they join the market.

Various franchises are ranging from 2000$, which is the cheapest to 27,000$, which is the largest franchise. In total, all the franchises are five. If you purchase all five, the OPM wealth system grants you additional funding. The more money you spend on investing, the more commissions you earn. OPM advises you have some knowledge of how to trade in cryptocurrencies, as they only deal with bitcoin, Litecoin, or Etherum. Interesting right?

The OPM team can improve your credit scores between say, thirty to sixty days, to help you access loans. Once you join the team, you earn massive commissions based on two tiers. Tier one can make you 1200$ to 16,500$ in commission. The second tier can earn you from 200$ to 2750$.

Why You Need To Join Stefan’s OPM Program

The answer is yes, you can! And it is secure. All you have to do is create a member account, and access 17 well-crafted instructional videos. They offer training on how to partake in the OPM wealth program. As an affiliate marketer, you will earn commissions after making at least five sales. As an investor, you will earn commissions after making one sale.

Advertising can be done on your own, or the OPM team can do it for you. Dealers’ choice! The idea is to make six figures in 12weeks. It is all about your hard work and how interested you are in online marketing and advertising. This process is not a high-pressure sales process, and you can access and do it; however you want. You can be a top income earner!

Work Advice And Tips From Stefan Dessalines

Overcoming challenges is usual for Stefan. When he decided to join digital space, he knew it would pose a few problems. He says, “this is not a system for wimps.” Therefore, to earn big, you have to invest big. It is crucial to find a “high ticket product and aggressively market it.” If you are looking for the best and most proven way to earn a great living from home, then you are 1000% in the right place. Digital marketing will get you sorted.

He says that the entire goal of the OPM wealth system is to get you from the left side of the cashflow quadrant (being an employee or being self-employed) to the right side of the quadrant (being a business owner and being an investor). Marketing a high ticket digital franchise will get you to the right side of the cashflow quadrant as fast as possible. The 12 by 12 plan is the process that will earn you six figures in 12 weeks, and financial freedom in 12 months.

“Whether or not you have funds available doesn’t matter. What matters is Other People’s Money.”

“No excuses, no crying, no complaining.”

“if you want to start making big money, then you have to stop thinking small.”

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