Meet One of The Top Network Marketing Leaders: Kustas Kirsipuu

Julio Martinez
3 min readOct 15, 2019

Kustas Kirsipuu is one of the best leaders in network marketing. He is also a successful entrepreneur and business coach.

Kustas Kirsipuu was born in a small village in Estonia. His childhood dream was to become a professional basketball player. He was very talented and dedicated. He spent his childhood playing basketball and working hard to improve himself. Unfortunately, he got injured and had to have two back operations. He realized he would never be able to become a professional basketball player.

Kustas Kirsipuu has never been a person who is easily discouraged. He was determined to succeed, so he realized he had to find new interests and become the best version of himself in some other field. Basketball taught him some very important lessons that helped him later in life. It taught him that one has to be persistent in order to succeed and that he should work hard and never give up.

At the early age of 21, he had to move out of his parents’ house and start to provide for himself. He was forced to do any kind of job for money, and that’s how he started working in a shopping center, in the field of direct sales. Even though he did not like the job at first, he decided to learn everything about it in order to succeed. After a while, he had unreal working hours, while he was testing his own limits. It was confirmed one more time that dedication and persistence are the many ways to success in every field. He was committed to succeeding and he achieved amazing results.

Kustas Kirsipuu quickly became a leader in the field of network marketing. He helped many people scale their businesses and generate a 7 figure income. People believe in him because of his own life and career are a great example of the principles he is teaching. He believes that every person and every business could achieve the same results he achieved if they follow the simple steps that he is sharing.

Kustas is very passionate about his job and he likes teaching others his own knowledge. One of his favorite aspects of his job is that he is able to help young people achieve their goals and live the life they desire. He is helping them achieve financial freedom and scale their businesses. He has worked with some of the best entrepreneurs in the world such as Anthony Delgado, Paul Getter, and Eric Worre. They have all achieved enormous success, both when it comes to financial freedom and in life in general.

Kustas Kirsipuu strongly believes that we should follow our dreams even if they seem unrealistic to others. He believes that true potential is in the things that the majority of people consider impossible and utopic. He encourages young people to follow their dreams and to not listen to those who are saying that they won’t succeed.

By following the principles he is teaching, everyone can become successful and achieve great results. All it takes is dedication and persistence. Kustas Kirsipuu is a great example that hard work and persistence are absolutely worth it. If you focus on the right opportunities, there is no way not to succeed.



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