At Fractal, we’ve been obsessing over customer onboarding for the past 2 years. We have assembled a brilliant and interdisciplinary team who successfully and meaningfully transformed the experiences of thousands upon thousands of users undergoing identity verification.

We realised very quickly that assuring compliance is increasingly costly for our clients, especially those working with a highly international user base. We also didn’t like what we see in this market: closed solutions, hidden pricing, a lack of developer friendliness and no clarity on how the product actually works.

So after this period of learning and extensive testing, we are now ready to offer the transformative solution the market is clamoring for: a fully-automated onboarding journey for identity verification and AML — plug and play, self-serve and for free.

As understood by an engineer with no background in economics, finance or trading

Our economy has evolved to consider and account for a variety of different assets: stocks, bonds, real estate, commodities, intellectual property, and many others. Trading some of these assets is constrained by their physicality, as it may be cumbersome to physically trade ownership, or even to subdivide the asset.

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In order to help address this issue, we invented securitization. That’s the process of transforming ownership of an asset or a right into an easily tradable security. …

And how to provably associate a DID with a person

ixo is the blockchain for sustainable development impacts, aiming to help standardize the measurement and rewarding of impact. Through their protocol and native IXO tokens, ixo plans to incentivize the funding and tracking on impact projects through unlocking a new economy for collecting and verifying impact data.

It’s crucial for ixo to encourage data integrity. As such they’re highly involved in the decentralized identity space, because it’s important that the several network stakeholders are properly identified. ixo uses the W3C DID and Verifiable Claims standard drafts to facilitate this process.

(See also: on decentralized identity, I previously wrote about ERC 725 and ERC 735 in the context of implementing a simple KYC claim verification for a crowdsale, check it out below.)


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CTO at Fractal Blockchain. Decentralization, Censorship Resistance and Open Source. &

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