How to become a PHP developer in only 10 hours or less

Julio Bitencourt
2 min readMar 28, 2017


A quick guide to a web developer enter the PHP World. Tailored for Laravel Framework and using Laracasts.

You have to know the basics of…

  • How to program (really???)
  • HTML and CSS
  • A laracasts subscription

You can also

  • Get the topics and learn without the laracasts subscription by googling
  • Buy only the listed Laracasts lessons

PHP for beginners

First things first. In this 25 lessons series you'll learn the very basic topics, such as how to install PHP and some hot topics like database, dependency injection and autoloading.


You know, classes, inheritance, interfaces. The basics of object oriented programming in PHP.

I would tell you that from this point, you’re already able to program in PHP.

Design Patterns in PHP

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel. Design patterns are common solutions for common problems that other programmers has already faced.

SOLID Principles in PHP

SOLID Principles: The guidelines for a better developer.


PHP The Right Way

Going further. Check this awesome guide out. You can contribute to the project too.


The PHP Standards Recommendations, created by the PHP Framework Interop Group.


Dependency manager for PHP.

Laravel From Scratch

Laravel From Scratch is an always fresh series covering the last version of this awesome framework.

Thanks for reading ;)

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