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Since 2010 the world changed with the arrival of bitcoin in the financial markets, traditional systems offered high-cost transactions and long waiting times between different banking institutions. With the advent of bitcoin, the model of a decentralized transaction system emerged, where operations were carried out in a matter of minutes with very low tariffs.


But as the bitcoin financial ecosystem developed, a number of associated drawbacks also arose, because new users required instant transactions and almost nonexistent fees costs.

These users who in many cases were engaged in the cryptocurrency trade carried out large volumes of transactions on a daily basis, thus canceling a considerable amount for fees, which is why they created the need for a currency exchange with zero fees and their own native currency, it is there where digite arises.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Technology

The technology that brings to the table digitex allows the creation of a decentralized Exchange where fees for transactions will be null, this will be achieved through the creation of its own native token called DGTX which will be based on the ERC-223 from the ethereum network .

To generate demand for the digitex tokens, a system has been created in which the traders holding tokens can participate in the free market of commissions, this in turn will increase the demand of the tokens allowing to offset the costs associated with the purchase and sale operations. in the Exchange. To make a small inflationary adjustment, only a small number of tokens will be issued each year.

One of the biggest attractions that Digitex Futures Exchange offers and that will be a total boost to its crypto ecosystem, is that the financial assets of the users will not be in the hands of the Exchange but on the contrary the accounts will be subject to an independent decentralized contract based on the chain of blocks of ethereum. The Exchange will update the data and these will be charged to the intelligent contract, but at no time will the Exchange have the user’s private keys, nor will it have possession of the assets.

DGTX employs a new system based on decentralized government by blockchain which will control the issuance of tokens in a democratic way to adjust inflationary levels and maintain healthy and sustained growth of the token, thus allowing to be a tool to store value. The voting will be determined by the number of tokens that the users possess being 1 DGTX = 1 vote.

In its initial stage, it is expected that the cost for the operation and implementation of the Digitex Futures Exchange will be fully financed by the profits generated in its Ico phase, so new currencies will not be issued in a period of two years after the official launch. , this is part of a financial strategy to generate a greater demand for tokens which will be limited.

Knowing more about DGTX

The success of the project is closely linked to its DGTX token, which must be maintained by the merchants to carry out purchase or sale operations of future contracts where profits and losses will be demoninized in DGTX tokens.


The Token Offer DGTX / Initial Currency Offer (ICO) creates an initial offer of 1,000,000,000 of DGTX (one billion DGTX tokens), which will generate a demand once the futures market is booming because during the next two years no new tokens will be issued and after this the issuance of the same will be controlled by managing a small margin of inflation, which will be counteracted by the high demand for that moment.

DGTX is an ERC-223 token created in Ethereum where it will be possible to operate with different cryptocurrency pairs such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin and many other cryptocurrencies in the Digitex exchange platform through integration with decentralized token exchange protocols such as swap .tech, 0xproject.com and bancor.com

Future of DGTX and its advantages versus competition

Digitex has an ambitious expansion plan for early 2019 and mid-2021 when new DGTX tokens will be issued. In this period, sufficient demand must be generated to achieve sustained growth, boosting future trade.
Digitex Futures Exchange is shown as a tempting alternative for crypto traders, offering a system with zero commissions and the purchase of futures with greater profitability by having highly liquid futures markets for currencies such as Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin.


The great difference of digitex with respect to its competitors lies in the profitability that it offers by being 100% free of commissions, since exchanges such as bitmex leave narrow profit margins to its users due to the high commissions that are generated by operations, this can make it easy for users to move from a profit to a loss of their assets.

Uses cases

Joaquin is a professional trader, he has always used large stock exchanges as bitmex to make his investments, but lately he has seen all his positions have fallen to red numbers due to the large fluctuations of the market and the high costs associated with commissions in the page.

He feels that it is impossible to operate this business model under this scheme. But he thinks that if he can save on commissions, his profit margins would be back in green numbers, he has heard of digitex and decides to try his luck.

Now joaquin is one of the thousands of users who own DGTX, he has never been so happy about the profits and he assures that he expects to increase his portfolio of DGTX currencies in a significant way before the big demand for tokes that is to come.

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