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Since the beginning of the revolution of the cryptomonedas every day are more and more decentralized applications that appear in the network of ethereum whose development over the years shows an exponential growth so great that it has catapulted to be the second best cryptomoneda market.

Decentralized applications created in ethereum do not depend on central systems but on a community of users who use them. These interact with the intelligent contracts to carry out their function thus executing the conditions that were programmed by the interested parties.

Native arises in the ethereum network as a project where communities can create their own tokens and manage their resources.


About the beam Project

Native generates value around the organized communities which unite in function to the values, objectives and goals thus obtaining their own assets of value represented by tokens whose use, distribution and applications will be determined in a collective way by the same ones.

The project is founded by Jake Vartanian, a young finance student who found inspiration in the world of crypto coins as this decentralized system of equality and trust captured his interest as something new and revolutionary for the moment. This is how Jake bought his first crypto and began making transactions to become familiar with the system.

With the passage of time he observed how many crypto currencies rose and fell, many of them were created only to disappear in a short time, this allowed him to observe and realize that the success of a cryptogram in the market depended entirely on the community that supports it which gave value and strength to the crypto currency they represented.

The technology of blockchain and crypto coins allows users to assign value to things that are important to them, which is why tokenization is a reality that advances with stronger steps every day. Native]( as a project emerges as a group of companies formed by ideasbynature and storyworks composed by a community network whose main objectives is the empowerment of the same building a set of tools for decision making at the community level this gives the opportunity to community members to express themselves and give their vote in function to what they believe is beneficial to them.


The Native project is intended for people who are not experts in the world of blockchain and programming, but who have ideas with value and a community that supports them. It is for these that the different communities had their own independent token assigning value to it and determining its course through collective participation.



Native has its own 100% operative mainnet running on the ethereum network, we can join it and participate in the first pilot projects, besides having the possibility to get the tokens (NTV) which must be transferred to our ethereum wallet, I recommend you to use metamasks or myetherwallet.

You can check the following link to join ongoing projects.Link

Use case

Cesar Andres is a fan of the dances of the 80’s, but does not find a group of like-minded people in his place of residence, which is why he joins native, where he finds a large group of people who share his interests and who hold events to promote the culture of the dance of the 80’s. These are financed through his personal token called leocoin, which sells for $5 according to the price of $5. These are financed through his personal token called leocoin, which is sold at a price of $5 as established by the community.

Leocoin is used as a currency to purchase promotional products at events and also to fund community events.


My video presentation


Native has demonstrated all the qualities to drive the tokenization process that is already taking place by offering communities the opportunity to empower and value their material and human resources, with a philosophy where the community makes the most important decisions and sets the rules for the token economy.

It is very sure that the success of native is catapulted, since every day more and more ideas arise from groups or communities who want to establish themselves in the world of the blockchain, but lack the resources or technical capacity to achieve it. Well, all this is a thing of the past with native, since in a simple way this will allow them to create tokens without the need to know about programming or the associated logistics.

A new future is within reach and native is there at the forefront of the movement.

Watch this video that talks about the Native vision!

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