Since the creation of bitcoin in 2009, people have never expected the avalanche of altcoins and decentralized applications that were created from bitcoin code. Many of the projects developed offer great rewards and incentives to their communities in the form of tokens. These tokens are assets to store value, but in many cases users need to exchange these assets for others of their choice or by a means that allows them to obtain trust money to pay their daily expenses.

But in some cases they are involved in cumbersome processes that hinder the efficient exchange between currencies, thus wasting time and money, which discourages many users to make the change between pairs of crypto coins. The problem is increasing every day, but thanks to the evolution of markets and associated dynamics there are numerous solutions that are being developed, this is where it emerges as an alternative to this new financial dynamic OnePageX.


What is OnePageX?

OnePageX is the easiest way to convert our cryptographic coins into the altcoins of our choice. Offering a simple and easy-to-use interface, onepagex is the best cryptomoney converter there is. With a philosophy based on simplifying the trading process and converting crypto coins onepagex is the best alternative for users who value their time.

How to operate OnePageX?


This simple method allows us to buy and sell our crypto coins without the need for a complex registration in an exchange such as bittrex or kukoin, since when making a transaction our URL will be added to a session. The interface will allow us to get the best price among a series of exchanges to perform the exchange of our crypto currencies.

You must choose the modality that we will send to the left and to the right we will place the coin that we will receive, then we will place the direction of the bag corresponding to the cryptomoneda that we are going to withdraw and we press start.

At the moment we can work with cryptographic coins of great importance such as ADA, ARK, LTC, BAT, BCH, DGD, GAS, IOST, IOTA, NANO, ZEC, among many other coins. Currently there are more than 140 crypto currencies available with which we can operate.


OnePageX’s future

The developments of the new implementations are already being carried out by the onepageX work team, since currently only bitcoin deposits are being carried out to be exchanged for some of the 140 types of crypto coins, but in the future it is expected to expand this number and accept deposits in other types of crypto coins. Currently the system has a system of cards which allow us to check in real time, the status of our transactions.


As for the times of operation between transactions, they are practically immediate, only influencing the time in the validation of the nodes for certain crypto currencies used.

Use case

Augusto is a user of the world of crypto currencies, his profits in financial operations depend mainly on the speed at which it is possible to switch between different pairs of crypto currencies. He has currently found his market niche by generating BTCs, but must quickly switch them to ZEC to preserve his profits.

He sees how by going through different exchanges to make the change their profit margins are greatly reduced, it is because of them that searching the network have found the best alternative OnePageX a site to perform their operations easily, efficiently and safely.

So augustus can make his changes at lightning speed with onepagex and keep his winnings as high as possible.

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The advantages offered by OnePageX are many to be simply listed, but among the main ones we have that we do not need to make complicated records to perform our operations, this is vital for users who have little time and want to perform operations quickly and easily, in addition that our assets will be safe against computer theft, since they are not deposited on the page as would be the case of an exchange, where a hacker can attack the site and steal the assets of hundreds of users, causing economic losses which will not be recognized by the exchange.

Transfers to our wallets will be immediate and we do not need to deal with buy or sell orders that may not be executed in time and may cost us money, and we can track our transfers in real time.

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