You are not stuck, you’re moving slowly towards your goal!

I’ve seen a lot of people in work situations who stress themselves because they are stuck on a certain problem or issue.

I’m a UI/UX Engineer, FrontEnd Developer so I work with lots of different people but I always watch them complain about being stuck on programming and design issues.


“I’m stuck” = I can’t advance no more.


“I’m stuck” = There’s an obstacle, I’m finding a solution.

We’re always looking how to solve problems, just realizing that you are stuck is gonna help you a lot to find a solution to that problem.

For a little comparison imagine this

When developers create something they use a language, creativity, logic and a text editor of some kind. Easy enough, right?

When designers are creating something or finding a way to fix something that doesn’t work visually speaking, it feels and resembles more like creating a whole new language instead of using tools you already have and work.

Hope you enjoyed the read.