Midnight Mass

Father Paul speaks to the congregatino
Father Paul in Midnight Mass

The residents of Crockett Island, a remote island off the coast of somewhere in the US, begin to experience strange events, some miracles and some disturbances, when a mysterious young priest settles on the island to fill in for Father Pruitt, the monsignor, who went off on a pilgrimage and never returned.

Like my previous post, this gem was created by the talented horror writer/director Mike Flanagan. Midnight Mass incorporates some aspects of his two most recent, and highly successful, TV horror shows on Netflix, while creating something truly original and scary.

It can be said that the show is a jab at Christianity in particular. It focuses on the cultish aspects of religion and the double speak which can occur in the church.

This would obviously offend some folks, understandably. But even for those who are devoted to the church can feel and understand what is being portrayed in the series. As someone who was raised in a Christian household, and has since left the church, it has a particular significance to this writer.

I attempt to keep the spoilers to a minimum, usually. But this show has such an extraordinary plot, I can’t help myself but talk about it.

Crockett Island

Crockett Island, once a thriving and bustling little community, has been dealing with economic decline, much like many other American villages and fishing towns.

While the elders of the island are mostly stuck there, attempting to make ends meet, many of the children, who are grown up by the time the show starts, have moved away and started their own lives.

Unfortunately, they’re dealing with their own economic and social tragedies, which forces some of them to make their way back to their home town.

This is something many can relate to in the US, where economic and political turmoil has become a feature of society, complemented by the global COVID-19 pandemic.


Where’s Father Pruitt?

Father Pruitt, with a black coat and black hat
Father Pruitt

The monsignor of the church on the island, Father Pruitt, goes on a pilgrimage to the holy land and and was set to return, except a storm shuts the island down and no one has been the Father. Instead, a young priest arrives, Father Paul. He informs the congregation at church that he was asked by the diocese to fill in for Pruitt while he recovers from an illness which he caught while abroad.

Immediately, it becomes clear there’s something odd is happening. Miracles start occurring. People who are sick begin recovering, a young girl who is paralyzed can walk again, and the elderly aren’t so elderly anymore.

While all this goes on, everyone wants to know. Where’s Father Pruitt? Some of the more skeptical residents also want to know, what is with these “miracles”?

The Angel

The angel, or vampire, with a robe and extending his wings.
The Angel

Father Paul eventually breaks the silence on Father Pruitt, who turns out, is himself. How did he become young again, you ask?

Well, while on his pilgrimage, he finds himself wandering the desert, when he comes upon an ancient tomb, where he stumbles into, nearly dead by dehydration, and an angel appears before him, and starts feeding Pruitt its blood.

Father Pruitt then makes his way back to the island with his new found friend.

Turns out, this angel is actually a vampire, and Father Pruitt has been feeding the ancient vampire some of the residents, and feeding the blood of the vampire to the residents of Crockett Island during Sunday mass.

Father Pruitt isn’t even the main character, but in my opinion he is the most interesting character in the show, from the plot to the amazing acting.

There are many layers to the show, many different types of characters, and deals with complex questions regarding religion, god, and death. Give it a watch.



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