3 Steps In Order To Back To Re-Start Again

Julio R. Flores

WARNING: Adult material, please keep out if rude language is not for you.

Dear friend,

You may feel like a bag full of shit right now, I know it because everybody feels like that sometimes through life.

Most of the time bro, we don´t realize that to get life going on with our romantic relationship, spouse, family, job, school, businesses, projects… whatever we are into… we need to STOP just a moment to get some clarity.

But no-no… we don’t stop just for a damn second to realize some of the biggest insights that may or may not want to “know” to bring the fucking greatest awareness we were looking for to…

Stay Cool, Calm And Collected

No way, we like to make things harder ¿right? because if — “It’s too easy for me” — I will get bored or simply I wouldn’t enjoy this insane journey called dying while I’m still alive.

Let´s talk about me for a sec. and we’ll continue with some meat afterwards…

I consider myself an old soul in a brand almost new horse skin — the horse is the vehicle NOT the rider!. Gotcha? well kind of, this means to me that my intuition tell’s me I’ve lived so many experiences which I don’t know how to explain or help but are stored in my brain in such a way that… the shit you are reading right now is flowing from “some unknown place” within me…

… and this happens to me since my memory can recall.

I don´t consider myself intelligent, I consider myself smart which isn´t the same… and if you believe me or not…

Well, I don’t give a fuck…

I’m aware from one sneaky little thing that so many people in the world don´t know a shit about it, and has helped me LOTS and LOTS to ride over this Earth since I was introduced to this inside knowledge.

In order to get to this “little thing” I had to take on some pain and suffering, ok don’t go wrong over this, the pain was/is emotional, mental and of course sometimes it’s physical, just don’t make assumptions in your head.

So, I can tell you the REALLY GOOD lessons comes from the things around you hitting hard on your teeth. I was interested on inside knowledge or esoteric, occultism, magic tricks, pick up artistry, psychology, advanced NLP, hypnosis, sects, spiritualism, technology, hacking, programming… well basically:

On How Things Work

Like every healthy human beign out there you know!

I’ve given me great dosis on psychology books and practice, attended psychologist like everybody has to, was initiated in the Scottish Rite in Freemasonry and I practice it’s philosophy, introduced and practiced the Alcoholics Anonymous twelve step program, attended therapy groups, co-working with some friends to develop therapy systems-programs-methodologies… and such things that… really, don’t put me above anyone, but put me in a position to understand my humanity and thus, someone else.

My suggestion is simple: Put yourself in a position and ALL the things around you where you HACK your life as you like it TO BE without touching others wishes. That’s the rule pal.

I´m 28 almost 29 so at this point this is what a man should know:

1 — Get your shit together

For God sake, this is it: Know yourself.

Now, I’m capable to have a healthy relationship with my little beautiful woman having made and still doing this simple job.

ATTENTION: I said simple, but this does not mean it’s easy, it’s sometimes pretty fucking hard and there are tears and drama… but once you get used to it you will become a master of your own kingdom.

2 — Quit re-inventing the wheel, improve it

You must stop trying to “try new things” all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, trying new things on how to improve life is a whole task on it’s own, so, re-inventing the wheel again and again is a FULL WASTE OF TIME and energy and you have to deal with a bunch of frustration.


Don’t do it so often… take your balls and courage and try ONE THING and stick to it like a RITUAL, as if your life depended on it.

So, first you STOP doing the things you detected on Step 1 by knowing yourself, and then start some frigging GREAT ACTION plan.

Right now.

Like tying your shoelaces. You start like so, don’t think, don’t even try to make it perfect because you are not… OK yeah you are perfect in a phylosophical sense, but you don’t need that for know.

What you need is to put your ass to get some work done out there. So I’ll pinch it over and over again, better, you have to do it bum!

3 — Let go, let in

You are not your bank account

You are not your job

You are not your spouse

You are not your clothes

You are not your furniture

You are not your pets

You are not where you live

You are not famous

You are not GOD

You are not your friends

You are not a song

You are not an artist

You are not your school degrees

You are not your position (anywhere)

Please don’t believe that shit, because under this concept where YOU ARE “X”, always there is someone above you and it’s not frigging nice having that “feeling”, It does not work like that…

What you own ends up possessing you

And that sucks big time! But stop feeling like you were not invited to the gratest party ever given and start appreciating the life long parade which is in front of you right frigging now…

There is a time to let go, and one to let in new things…

To your soul, to your mind, to your life!

Seek some balance and be a dysfunctional human beign that came to this crazy as shit World and just take it cool, calm and collected bro!

Do you think you’re strong?… Dare to live!
— Julio R. Flores

Julio R. Flores

Written by

universe~:# growth hacker ▌

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