7ensen Methodology on point!

We thought that our product, our viral campaign and in our last presentation, the senses more involved in order to make the costumer want us are, sight, intuition and speed(movement), with a bit of hear and touch, we exanimated people with this D&D problem and we realize that this senses were the ones we needed to focus on.

Our job to be done is to demonstrate that people can still be able to control themselves and drive safely home changing this horrible and dangerous habit for one that makes people more confident of themselves.

Defining problem: “Make accessible other choices to get home, Create awareness about how important a designated driver is, and the consequences of you actions while being intoxicated, Help people realize in what state are they, Making sure streets at night become safe for everyone.”

We created this “moto” for people to recognize the problem we want to resolve, with Alser people can be sure of their actions, becaming in a big scale a great thing for our society.

Our observation notes are:

Reasons why people do it: (popular ones)

1.They feel more comfortable driving themselves.

2.Not feeling sure about using a cab (insecurity).

3.Don’t have to drive too much.

4.Feeling capable of doing it without any danger.

5.Haven’t been directly or indirectly affected by this behavior.

Behavior while drinking:

1.Feeling safe.

2.Not thinking too much.



5.Feeling intoxicated.

Behavior while D&D:

1.Not sure about what they are doing.

2.Slow response to their actions.

3.Pretty low thinking.

4.Not being quite there.

5.Feeling funny.

6.Not really secure about their decisions.

7ensen: Create awareness by demonstrating the senses alcohol changes, that are significant to be able to drive.

Design Thinking: People drinking get carried on and don’t realize the consequences about driving in that state.

By this already done, we can find the righ way to aproach the customer, in a way that they without even thinking of it, will want it anyway, because of the impact it has on their senses, the same way the habit does.

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