Getting the pitch together.

In order to make a successful presentation, we need to have in mind the 138 minute pitch, with this “pitch planner” we should be able to create a great script for our presentation, highlighting every single good thing that we got.

With the one minute pitch we should be able to differentiate between what our product is, and what its not. For people who drinks frequently, Alser is a product that makes someone feel in control, sure and confident about his decisions, in order to change the drinking and driving behavior. Alser composed by 2 things, the app and the physical gadget, make an incredible team that makes it really easy to use but at the same time super effective.

Then the 3 minute pitch is a bit more complex, but more strong at the same time, it has a lo of different topics, and each one as important as the other, just a bit more elaborated than the first pitch. We used the “Pitch canvas” that our miss gave to us in order to define what really Alser is and could be, and how we can take it to the next level so people would like it and support it.

With this guide, we were able to truly knowledge what out goal is, and what is left to do, getting Alser to the masses wont be easy, but we are ready to have a great start.

At last but not least, the 8 or 5 minute pitch, in order to get the right script, we need to get this one done, by following this structure showed bellow, we should be able to create not the perfect, but the right script for Alser.

At the start with the first what is, we are going to stablish the problem and the causes that make this habit desirable of change, drinking and driving sadly had become an habit of daily basis for young adults, so we are going to show how this happens and why, then the fun part starts, the call to adventure, in which we introduce the customers our product, so they can relate and feel comfortable with it.

Then comes the solution, “What could be”.

What could be the perfect solution to solve this problem, this habit is now taking part of our actual society, but we are not giving people the perfect solution, we are delivering a solution that makes them want to change, makes them feel in power, in control, with Alser.

And then everything came by itself. leaving a great sketch for us to worship it and deliver it, in the way we wanted.

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