May This Be the Year

The world is back to work,
It’s time to take down the lights,
And my jeans are slightly tighter,
From ravioli on Christmas night.

And just like that it’s 2016,
In an instant the year is new.
Of course I wish you peace and health,
But here’s what I want for you:

May this be the year your kid sleeps through the night,
Or the year your new dog stops barking.
May this be the year your bitch roommate moves out,
Or the year you get upgraded parking.

May this be the year that your start-up sells,
Or your board or boss gives you a raise.
May this be the year your long-lost friend,
Moves back into town and stays.

May this be the year you drop 20 pounds,
Or marry the one you love,
Or bed the guy you keep texting,
Or find the girl you’re worthy of.

May you never get towed or get issued a ticket,
From this January to next.
May you never have to suffer calling T-Mobile,
And never run into your ex.

May this be the year that you sell your house,
Or your landlord stops being a jerk.
May your kids get into college…or pre-k,
May the IVF finally work.

May this be the year your dreams come true,
Whatever those dreams may be,
That your new project sells,
That your kid learns to spell,
That your wallet is credit-debt-free.

May these 12 months be truly fantastic,
For you and for those you hold dear.
May this be a kick-ass, rock-star, wow-making,
breathtaking, happiness-filled kind of year.