Millennials and Baby Boomers are Turning to Different Sources for Political News

In an article on, the authors compare the Baby Boomer generation to Millennials, regarding where they find their political news. About six-in-ten Millennials report getting political news on Facebook. This equates to 61%, and represents a larger percentage turning to contrasting news sources. On the other hand, the Baby Boomer generation turns to local TV news stations for political news updates- at about the same percentage. I believe this statistic perfectly represents the shift to digital news as an extremely popular outlet. Obviously, as a Millennial, I identify most with turning to social media to find the news. The trend I see also takes place on Twitter- following major news outlets and receiving the news through their Tweets and Facebook updates. This trend is not limited to Facebook and Twitter, either. It has expanded to Snapchat- a representation of the news industry adapting to the habits of the public. Social media will most likely expand to other new sites in the future, which I predict the news media will adapt to again. I doubt news stations will be eliminated, but there will probably be more news commentary on sites like YouTube, blogs, and apps such as Periscope.