What is the future of online ads?

In this USA Today article, Michael Wolff writes about ad blocking. Today, software can eliminate ads, banners, and popups- quite a bit of digital media revenue. He mentions Apple’s decision to supply ad blockers with iPhones and Safari, creating a universal problem, specifically for Google. Wolff believes that digital media is “existentially impaired.” Digital media has often seemed to revolve around advertising. This obviously creates an issue for journalists and the news media industry. Especially for journalism students entering the industry, many of us are concerned with the questions,”Where is the money?” “Where are the best paying jobs?” and “What opportunities are most lucrative and can support me financially?” With ad blocking, this presents an issue for marketing executives and journalists. I personally ignore ads just as much as the next person, and always grow weary when I feel like someone is trying to sell me something I don’t want to purchase. Yet, when ads can provide income for your business, one will start to think of them as valuable. Questions remain about alternatives for online ads or the future for online ads themselves. I doubt they will become a thing of the past any time soon, but as I’ve written before, there will need to be new enhancements to online media in terms of increasing revenue.