Life status

  1. Work is fine. I am pushing like a maniac to get a higher paying job. That is mainly applications and a steady programming. My only regret today is work being draining. So work remotely tomorrow! (You can work fully remotely if you just master a phone to Droplet to Windows connection.)
  2. Artery technostress pure faith. Pure pure FAITH.

Everything else is marginal.

Right now it’s obviously just vegetating my brain off.


  • vegetate brain off
  • maybe go buy food later
  • tomorrow WORK REMOTELY

Figure it all out from there.

The key breakthrough is INCOME.

From applying to new jobs or from launching the FinWake app.




Today in brief?

My biggest problems are still:


Horrible technostress-artery-inflammation health

Perhaps all else is fine:




Social might get better in only a few days.

My last emergency issue will be technostress-artery health issues.




I am really fucking confused about my life.

I have been pushing for a big breakthrough but I have no idea if or what is coming.

Tomorrow I have no idea if I’m basically getting fired or I am achieving a new level of stability in my job.

Go to work prepared to quit / be fired.

Other than that my life is simple:

Python is developing

Keep socialising

And just let the months pass.




New simple life status.

Nothing has changed.

The month is still an obsessive explosion.

But I would consider reducing caffeine.

I have to cook.

The rest is open ended.

And soon as you have energy:

Push ahead on a coding project.

It’s not as important what it is.

It could be iOS DeepReader.

It could be iOS Joyce.


Tomorrow you’ll find it.





I have had a lot of different ideas.

But it basically amounted to an obsessive belief I was gonna make more money but getting swamped with work instead.

I guess I have to be satisfied.

I would be if I didn’t feel so uncomfortable around my roommate.

Here’s a perfect plan:

Go back and clean up quite a bit and find your debit card and consider changing rooms.

Relax. No rush for anything. Vegetate or find anything useful rest of night.





  1. 100% confident I need another day off tomorrow. Just feeling horrible. But should I send Skype message in morning?? You decide then.
  2. I guess programming’s going good. The next actions are UWC Patreon, a video for my patrons, c live interpreter for curses, and pushing super hard to master “a manual robust command line deepreader without curses.” OK!!!



Another truly horrible day.

I feel like my artery is going to explode and I’m going to die.

Emotionally I’m terrible.

I’m severely lethargic and feel sick from chronic stress dumps in the body – weight gain, lethargy, inflammation, bodily dysfunction.

And I don’t have enough wealth to just relax somewhere balmy and pleasant. It’s just desperately work and hack (like with a machete) your way forward.