Is the future of design happening on Windows?

For decades designers are naming the Mac their creative tool number one. Now the tides seem to change.

The MacBook Pro isn’t pro anymore

Apple introduced the new MacBook Pro with an amazing TouchBar and great features. But the designers lust for better specs and greater hardware were left behind. Okay, screens are brighter and so on but 16GB of RAM are hardly enough to open a few Photoshop-files. Since Apple is also removing the Thunderbolt-Display from their lineup and swapping all connections to USB-C it seems that all of the pro-users-feedback seems to be ignored at all. Apple seems to see the signs and creates a powerful MacBook for the masses. But not for Pros.

Microsofts hardware is made for designers

Microsoft announced their new Surface Studio. An iMac-lookalike which comes up with some features that are meant for the designers workflow. You can change color-modes instantly and the huge touch-screen/pen-combination is helping you ditch your Wacom easy. Theres also additional hardware like the Surface Dial which helps you adjust/scroll your content easier. Clearly meant for designers and video-editors. Microsoft seems pick up where Apple left off when it comes to be designers best friend. But what about software?

Adobe is making a “Sketch” for Windows

Adobe just updated it’s whole suite and presented an updated version of Adobe Experience Design, it’s Sketch competitor to create UI-designs and UX-workflows easy. All other applications like Photoshop and Illustrator are well-taken-care of for decades and now a solid UX-design-application is following as well. The preview is out on the Mac at the moment but Adobe is busy teasing AdobeXD on Surface Devices. A combination which can be the future (or maybe not) for User interface design.


The Mac won’t be gone in the designers office but when Apple is moving forward with this trend of cutting off designers favorite hardware, Windows machines will be right there to win the designers heart.