In that company where I had a misfortune to spend some time, the people who introduced this stupid…
Sceptical Meerkat

I never heard of ThoughtWorks to be honest..but obviously they did something wrong since you don’t like it so much, because obviously motivation is the most important thing when dealing with software for who did the work, you don’t really care until it is done, you hired people for their skills and you must trust in their skills..but reading your article obviously the purpose of introducing pair programming at your place was different than what I have experienced. I find it really great to sit next to a person which I know and value his skills and experience and be able to discuss architecture, approaches, best practices..because you share knowledge and experience and once you agreed on the solutions, one just says what to do and the other one does it..and the next task you can do the other way around. And if you want privacy I mean no one can force you to do pair programming 100% of your time. Then again if you don’t trust in your skills and knowledge and the company doesn’t trust in your skills and knowledge than I see why one could hate this approach.

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